danielr460 - Web, mobile and hardware development, electronic solutions

Web, mobile and hardware development, electronic solutions

Hello! In danielr460 we want to give you the best solutions for your ideas and projects, we offer quality and customized software and hardware development, using modern technology (Raspberry Pi, PSoC, Arduino) and cutting-edge software (Python, Javascript, C, C ++) .

How can I contribute to the realization of your ideas?

  • python

    Software development

    Web, mobile and desktop application development. Solutions for any business or field, acquires the efficiency of a custom development. You want to know more? Check our portfolio.

  • hardware

    Hardware Development

    We offer innovative and efficient solutions, applications using embedded systems invite you to go through the blog and learn more.

  • IoT

    IoT solutions

    Do you need to automate your home or business? the internet of things (IoT) is the way, for this we offer you quality, safe and complete applications that allow you to enjoy the benefits of IoT.

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