Daniel Rincón Rodríguez

Electronic Engineer, Freelancer

About danielr460

Hi, I'm Daniel Rincon, the creator of danielr460, this is my personal website. I am currently leading a life of freelancer and developing several of my personal projects. The purpose of this blog is to transmit my knowledge in what I study and electronics is my passion, we are going to develop interesting and easy projects, hoping that you will take a liking to electronics.

I am an electronic engineer and I dedicate myself to the development of software and hardware. If you want to know my work and experience, I invite you to go through the following links: portafolio, blog, CV. If you want to know more about me, I invite you to continue reading.

My first contact...

My first contact with technology dates back to the early 2000s with a Compaq with Windows 95, transcribing the books from my home to the computer, playing Prince of Persia and executing any executable that was in the most hidden folder in the Operating System. At the same time, I took apart everything I found in my house, very little remained functional after that; I also made games in Excel, I wanted them to be automatic, but I couldn't.

Years passed and I was learning social communication things at school, I made my first blog (with a single entry) and it seems to be still active .

At the time of selecting a university career I chose Electronic Engineering, I doubt that this would be for me and with other passions in my head at that moment (Chemistry and social communication).

Over the years at university I found that this was my passion and that I would not change it for anything in the world, and I like the vast majority of sub-branches of electronics (do you want to know them? Stop by my blog). I have posted articles at major engineering events (WEA, CONCAPAN) on topics such as the use of fuzzy systems for solving social problems (academic desertion) and cryptography for security in the Internet of Things (if you want someday I publish them or do a tutorial, let me know below).

I finished my university journey with the thesis called Detailed engineering for a corn seed sowing robot.


Currently in the field of work I dedicate myself to the development of web pages and mobile applications, that is why I do this blog to dedicate myself to the other fields of electronic engineering (Machine Learning, Circuits, Control, Power, etc). A very complete career and I hope you can carry out several of these projects with me.

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