Portafolio Daniel Rincón

Portafolio de Daniel Rincón - danielr460

  • lahuerta

    La Huerta

    Administration panel of a bakery for inventory management, backend made in PHP (Database queries through APIs), frontend made in jQuery.

  • my-web

    Blog Personal de Daniel

    My blog (this website) is a CMS portal that integrates my basic information. It is made with Django through the djangocms plugin, it has the same features as any CMS.

  • loscobosmc

    Los Cobos App Móvil

    Mobile application written in angular and javascript (through Ionic Cordova), with basic information of the Los Cobos Clinic located in Bogotá, Colombia.

  • Tienda

    Tienda Tekshop

    Do you want to compare the prices of all the big stores around you? Choose the best price thanks to this application